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MagVent Dryer Vent - Home

MagVent's dryer vent Home page.  Learn more about MagVent's unique dryer vent solutions and the benefits of an unrestricted vent path.

Also, learn some more about MagVent's values and some dryer vent safety education.

MagVent's Self-Aligning Models Utilize Zero Flame Spread, UL 2158A Approved Dryerflex Transition Hose.

Free Shipping Available on Orders of $100 or More When You Select UPS Ground!

MagVent's dryer vent products have been created with four guiding objectives:

1. Customer satisfaction: Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Whether the customer installs a MagVent dryer vent themselves or leaves it to the professional, they can rest assured that their purchase will reward them with increased dryer efficiency and safety with every load washed. Great customer service as essential to customer satisfaction. So whether you are a home owner or a seasoned installer, don't hesitate to reach out to us.  We've seen many tricky installations and can help guide you through yours. With MagVent behind you and your dryer, you’ll know you have done your installation right! And you can have confidence that your home is safer and more efficient.

2.  Fire Safety: Dryer fire safety is a serious and often overlooked problem. It is our goal to both increase consumer awareness about the dangers of dryer fires, and to provide the solution, which is a minimum path vent and routine maintenance. MagVent makes maintenance a snap!

3. The 3 E’s: Economy, Energy Efficiency, and the Environment. The 3 E’s are listed in the same point because they are inseparable. MagVent’s ability to provide a convenient minimum path duct, that resists crushing and obstruction, allows the dryer to run at optimum efficiency and save energy. This saves the client money and helps conserve our energy resources, which is good for the environment. MagVent, 3 big wins!

4. The professional installer, dryer vent service professional, general contractor and architect: MagVent is truly born out of the need for tradesmen and professionals to deliver their clients a better vent solution than the traditional mess of flexible transition duct. The professional has been considered during every phase of the design process. MagVent has endeavored to simplify the uncertainty in dryer installations by providing a solution that both you and your client can feel good about. MagVent: Easy, solid installs that boost dryer efficiency and safety!