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MagVent FAQ

Kevin Kelley

Will a MagVent coupling fit my dryer?

All MagVent couplings are designed to fit the standard 4 inch dryer vent. Which model you need for your installation needs depends on how far your dryer vent is from your exit vent when measuring from center to center of the vents.

Which MagVent coupling is best for my installation needs?

We offer three different MagVent models to fit a variety of venting needs. The MagVent MV-180 is designed for when the dryer vent is aligned with the wall vent in a straight 180 degree line, and offset by not more than 3 inches when measuring from center to center of the vents. If the vent path takes a 90 degree turn up the wall or down through the floor, or if it is off to the side at least 9 inches, then you need the MagVent MV-90. When using the MV-180 or the MV-90, keep in mind that for every inch of offset in vent alignment it requires an extra inch of clearance behind the dryer to accommodate the slight bend in the self-aligning transition hose. If the exit vent is between 3 inches and 9 inches away from the dryer vent, then you need the MagVent MV-Flex. The MV-Flex is not a self-aligning model like the other two, but it does give you more leeway with your vent alignment. With the MV-Flex you provide your own length of hose and manually align the magnets. The MV-Flex allows you to use the shortest piece of hose possible to make the connection once your dryer is in place, eliminating the typical, extra long hose that gets crushed and obstructed behind the dryer.

If you would like help determining which MagVent model is right for your installation needs, you are welcome to send inquiries to Please describe how your vents align and how far apart they are when measuring from center to center of the vents, or include photos of your vent alignment.

What is the flexible transition hose on the MagVent coupling made of?

The flexible transition hose on the MagVent MV-180 and MV-90 is not the typical foil hose. It is Dryerflex transition hose, which is UL 2158A approved for dryer venting, and zero flame spread. Dryerflex is composed of aluminum ribbon and steel wire. It is flexible and sturdy enough to support the weight of the dryer side magnet and self-align the coupling as you push your dryer into place. The remainder of the MagVent coupling consists of four inch ring magnets and twenty-two gauge rigid aluminum pipe.

How are the magnets separated once the MagVent is installed?

MagVent couplings make it quick and easy to disconnect and reconnect the dryer vent for regular cleaning and maintenance. Disconnecting the magnets is quite simple. You just pull the dryer away from the wall. Once the Dryerflex transition hose is fully extended the magnets will disconnect. You can view the disconnecting process under the videos tab at The first video on the page shows the magnets disconnecting at 3 minutes and 5 seconds into the footage. If you have installed the MagVent MV-Flex, which is not a self-aligning model, then manual magnet alignment and separation is required.

Are MagVent couplings code compliant/safe to use with gas dryers?

Yes, MagVent couplings are safe to use with gas dryers. MagVent couplings are composed of materials that meet or exceed code requirements in most areas. (Keep in mind that code varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Be sure to check with code requirements specific to your area.) MagVent couplings are made of UL 2158A approved Dryerflex transition hose, 22 gauge rigid metal pipe, and very strong ring magnets. The magnets form a tight seal that creates a safer, stronger and more secure connection than the typical gas dryer installation.

Can I use a MagVent coupling with a Dryerbox?

The MagVent MV-90 is compatible with the Dryerbox. The drywall screws and anchors we provide for the standard installation into drywall may be too long to use with your Dryerbox installation. Depending on what materials you have on the opposing wall, you may need to use shorter screws to prevent poking through the wall on the other side. Be sure to watch the MV-90 Dryerbox Installation video under the videos tab at

How much clearance is required for a MagVent installation?

MagVent couplings provide a low profile option for your dryer installation. With direct vent alignment, the MV-180 requires four inches of clearance, and the MV-90 requires five and a half inches of clearance. Keep in mind that for every inch of offset in vent alignment they require and additional inch of clearance to accommodate the bend radius in the transition hose. The MV-90 is compatible with a Dryerbox for an even lower profile option. The MagVent MV-Flex also requires four inches of clearance behind the dryer.