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"Thanks MagVent!"

Kevin Kelley

"When I was researching how to make my dryer exhaust safer and easier to maintain, I found info on MagVent... a Magnetically Aligning Dryer Vent Coupling‼️ Brilliant. It makes it so easy to provide a clear, straight, un-kinked path for the dryer air to flow to the outside. It also makes it so easy to move the dryer back and have no worries about a proper connection and kinked tubing, etc. Because of the original and unusual installation of the interior dryer vent in 2004, it wasn’t going to be the easiest traditional install. I had to contact customer service at MagVent and send them photos of my situation. Customer Service Rep Angela Proctor researched my set-up and provided a workable, good solution for my non-traditional dryer vent situation. She answered all my questions and gave specific, clear answers in a super-timely manner. I couldn’t be more pleased. While it wasn’t the quickest install because I wanted to get everything just right, it works perfectly...not bad for a 74 year old! Thanks MagVent!"  -Linda T.

The following photos illustrate a modified installation using aluminum tape and silicone caulk where the wall bracket could not be used.


MagVent MV-180 Installation Linda T. Before.jpg
Linda T. MagVent-DryerVent before2.jpeg
Linda T. MagVent-DryerVent After.jpg
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