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Happy Customer Thankful for MagVent

Kevin Kelley

"Nothing annoyed me more than having to reconnect my dryer after cleaning the vent. Clamps on both the dryer connection and the wall were a huge hassle, taking multiple tries; one or both of them would always come loose no matter how tight I tried to screw them on. I saw MagVent online and looked at the video. I was skeptical but decided I had to try it. MagVent was well worth the small investment! It worked! I even have a slight offset to deal with. I also decided not to cut the vent pipe; instead I added a "collar" around the opening. Worked great and I was in such disbelief about how easy this worked that I kept reconnecting it just to be sure. Awesome product! Thank you!"
-Edward S.

MagVent-DryerVent Edward S.1.JPG
MagVent-DryerVent Edward S..JPG